50 Approved PR[Press Release] Submission Site List 2018

Are you doing SEO activities? And in SEO activities, you are searching for press release sites which gives you do follow links. First of all, we have to study on the topic”what is Press Release?” So press release is an activity in which we are announcing the users about any new happening which is happening in our office. Or with press release, we also make announce like; we are changing our head office, we are closing our branch and many other. It would be helpful for users to find out what actually is happening in our office or work premises right now. And we know very well how difficult it is to find out a list of Press Release submission sites with a high PR. So, as usual, we are here to help you in your glitch. With the help of this post, now you are able to search and submit some press release on High PR websites and it also gets approved easily. So now friends! We did our work and your task has been starting now. So keep working and reading our blogs. Also if you found them informative so please share them with your friends and on social profiles.

Here is the List of Press Release Submission Sites –

S.No. Press Release Submission List Month
1 https://pressexposure.com/ 18-Feb
2 https://ukprwire.com/ 18-Feb
3 http://www.pressreleaseping.com/ 18-Feb
4 http://www.prbd.net/ 18-Feb
5 http://www.fastpressreleaser.com/ 18-Feb
6 http://www.pressreleaseroom.com/ 18-Feb
7 http://www.exactrelease.org/ 18-Feb
8 http://www.postafreepressrelease.com/ 18-Feb
9 http://www.pressreleasestudio.com/ 18-Feb
10 http://www.pressreleasepad.com/ 18-Feb
11 https://newpressrelease.com/ 18-Feb
12 http://www.briefingwire.com/ 18-Feb
13 http://www.prfree.org/ 18-Feb
14 http://www.prhwy.com/ 18-Feb
15 https://www.isnare.com/ 18-Feb

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